Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Studying fees have been declared legal by constitutional court in Germany. Students are now preparing an uprise. The Freiwilliger Zusammenschluss von Studierendinnenschaftinnen (Voluntary Union of Students Unions or something) is preparing barricades, already casting bullets. Some secretly chosen physics students try to steel fission material from their labs, maybe some 80 grams of highly enriched uranium (which didn't find a buyer last week because of him getting arrested) will find a new happy owner now.

Secret Students societies are very secretely planning to overthrow the illuminati world government and try to erect a marxist-leninist-trotskist-liberal-communist-free-love-for-all-and-most-for-me government. Stay tuned for news and join your local students union to become an elite member of the new rulers yourself!

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