Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Sometimes I wish I could write.

Next to me in the bar two students of philosophy and german, reasoning that democracy with it's tolerance and with demonstrations being allowed, leads to all protests being in vain, as allowed protests are no protests at all. We need a totalitarian system to be able to really protest and to articulate discontent. From then on it went somehow downhill, occasional highlights were the insight that professors are not really the scholars of childish imagination but real people who do spend time away from books and sometimes do say stupid things and the insight that most students try to construct their biographies to appear as some kind of intellectual (the insight went not as far as to self-awareness).

A table further away a group of teachers, discussing everything. From the difference between canoos and kayaks, passing the geography of Erlangen to who has the orange CD. Everybody very convinced, very intellectual, very distinguished.

The third table was a frustrated physicist and his (new) girlfriend, those two were a bit boring compared to the other two tables, just like any new geek couple they were just awkwardly trying to be romantic.

Any decent writer would make a whole book out of this personnel. My Inaptitude just allows this blog post...