Monday, January 10, 2005

Back from Holidays. From a writers perspective this would have been my day:

After having a frugal breakfast of portuguese sweets (Ovos Moles), I went
to work at the worlds largest working machine, situated in one of Germany's
most vivant cities. Descending in to the pit where the experiment is located I
passed by some of the worlds most brilliant particle physicists, some russians
sitting in a dark lab, working secretly on world domination plans, and a fat
cat. I play an important role in an experiment set out to discover world's
building blocks, what drives them, uncovering the hidden structures of the
universe, mapping out terra incognita in particle physics, removing the white
spots in the image we have of our universe. After work I will have a couple of
drinks with some interesting people, philosophing about humanity and society.

This is what it looks like from a PhD Students perspective:

After finding something edible in the fridge (which had to go anyway,
because soon it will be full of salmonellas) I went to work in a loud, noisy
cave situated in a city I never see at daylight. Descending into this cave,
which has dried air, I pass by some of the weirdest morons on planet earth,
some strange russians cleaning their computer's harddrive with vodka, and a
fat cat. I have to do a lot of stuff like plumbing, kicking electronics and so
on in an experiment which is going to fail, which won't discover anything
interesting, which is so badly organised that you just want to bang your head
on the next wall for some decades. After work I will get drunk with some of my
more normal colleagues, whining about how work sucks and about girls
constantly ignoring us - strangely enough most of us have the same story: boy
fancies girl, girl goes out sometimes with boy, boy wants to be more than
friends, girl says piss off (well, sometimes girl chooses different words,
sometimes girl does not say anything which confuses the hell out of boy...). I
am drifting off...

Actually, if it wouldn't be a blatant lie, I would like to believe the first
way of putting it...

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nuno said...

Então, camarada? Para a frente é que é o caminho! Como se diz em futebol: "menos ais, menos ais, menos ais! Queremos mais! Muito mais!". Aquele abraço, Nuno.