Monday, January 31, 2011

Random drunk post

Note: I am not really drunk, but drunk enough to philosophise...

Strange enough we claim to live in a capitalist society (well, mostly. It's called social market economy, but de-facto it's capitalism with healthcare). Yet most of us work in huge centralistic organisations, with five year plans, which are organised like any good communist party with a central commitee, a glorious leader and where you can only raise in hierarchy when you please the local district commander. Nepotism is a bit better disguised than in the usual post-communist states, but yet it exists. And then there is government, which I take out of this argument because they don't really have anything to say.

Yet we all repeat the mantras of the free market, the self healing power of free trade etc. If you look closer, most of the companies employees don't produce any value. They produce power point slides, excel files and all that kind of stuff. They do the same which lead to the downfall of the eastern block: tell the leaders that everything is fine, make plans which look nice but don't solve any problem.

Inside the company there is no market, no free trade of ideas, no capitalism. There's pure old what-people-claimed-to-be-communism (it's far from what Marx originally thought, but close to what the USSR and other states made of it). Would it work if you remove all those structures, let the markets reign and get rid of all the central commitees? Wouldn't that lead to everybody moving to the place where they can contribute best? Wouldn't that lead to enough wealth to distribute it so that we can all live better? Isn't that what real communism would be, getting rid of the parasitic rulers and all power to the people who do the work?

And please don't take the idea to the logical end, because that kills every idea. And probably tomorrow I'll have a comletely opposite idea. So don't bother to comment :-)

And of course this has nothing to do with my employer, this is just some random thought after reading too much newspapers and drinking too much beer.