Saturday, March 28, 2009

Too old for that shit

Just returned from a night out. It started with a bunch of old physicists getting drunk, chatting about cars, computers and ye goode ole times at uni(TM). So far, so good. At about 1AM we left the bar and entered a club, tonight a special appearance by Bukovina Club - remixed music from the balkans.

I started listening to that kind of music 10 years ago, remembering one of the best concerts of my life, Emir Kusturica live at a castle in portugal. This music was cool till about a year ago when it starting to get popular. So tonight, when we entered the scene, the music was blasting too loud for the speakers, only leaving a frequency range tolerable for people who have blasted away their ear-drums by mp3 players injecting the best of charts into their ears at a volume which silences a jackhammer.

The dancefloor was filled with drunken kids whose motoric abilities were only topped by their self-esteem and their conviction of being the future elite of germany, just because they made it to a provincial university. Those frustrated youths were so indulged into their egocentric movements that every movement on the dancefloor was interpreted as an attack, a sexual assault or at least an aggressive gesture. This only was interrupted by couples who seemed to have no place to go to be in private and needed to fiddle around on the dancefloor, dancing with a vulgarity which you cannot find in a peep show.

Probaly I have to find some new kind of music which is still so uncool that I can enjoy it. Or maybe I am just getting to old for that shit and should stay at home and get drunk on my own.

Sunday, March 08, 2009