Saturday, January 29, 2005

It's always the same questions for somebody socially incompetent and insecure like me... As always, thinking too much leads to too much theories. I should just settle for one someday. So, here's the theories:

1. I behaved like an asshole and should say sorry.
2. She is just generally annoyed by me.
3. She is just generally annoyed.
4. She is much more socially incompetent and insecure than me.
5. She is annoyed because I said too much.
6. She is annoyed because I said too less.
7. It's all in my head.

Most probably true: number 7. Or maybe 1. I just don't know. Anyway, in case you feel like commenting, please do so :-) For the weekend, I will stop thinking now and go and read a book. Much better, as you know what's happening, and if you don't, you can read it again.


nuno said...

I vote for 4!

Mariana said...
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Mariana said...

I vote for 3! And so does Pedro ;)
Desculpa ter apagado o outro comentário, mas não percebo nada disto!

Igthorn said...

I know that well...
For being honest i say to me it should be 4, but i fear in reality its 7