Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Usefull presents.

Today, when I went to lunch at the university canteen, a good looking girl gave me a condom.

Unfortunately she didn't give me her phone number. So now I have to find another use for it. Maybe I'll build an underwater microphone. Always handy, those underwater mics.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Another day...

Things positive today:

  • sent the abstract for a conference to the referees one day before the deadline.

Things negative today:

  • pissed off a nice girl I would like to meet more often.
  • bored a lot of students to death.
  • showed my incompetence at a meeting.
  • didn't write anything for my thesis.
  • lost badly at cards.
  • wrote an email to above mentioned girl which will turn out a completely bad idea and show that I am a complete idiot.
  • didn't even get drunk.

Yeeha for successful living.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


For some reasons Ubuntu cannot ship gnucash with HBCI (a german homebanking standard) enabled, due to some licensing problems which seem to be no problems for other packages. You need to compile it yourself, after editing the rules file. Strangely enough, all dependencies (including those who have that bad licence) are in the repositories, so no need to get other stuff...

Did it, went well, had the option to get HBCI running in gnucash. Then I discovered that my chip-card-reader was not recognized... Googling, trying a lot of stuff, hours pass. Then I found out that I need to download a driver from the manufacturers page (they have packages for ubuntu) and then do some symbolic linking. All this hidden in a non-google-able web presentation...

Now my chipcard reader is recognised, but unfortunately the automagic updater, which I asked to update everything, re-installed the official gnucash package without HBCI. So I am now recompiling it again and waiting for the outcome...

Paper and pen is by far the most easy and safest way of keeping track of your money...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

168 hours of a Rotating Fork

168 hours of a Rotating Fork
Originally uploaded by perreira.
A post for Phil: yes, the tapes are still there, except tape number 3. Somebody might have taken this home. It's a nice movie if you cannot sleep.