Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Something positive

Originally I wanted to post my thoughts that we are currently slippering into a new Weimar Republic, the large political parties losing ground, small come up, economic crisis is there, political turmoil will follow etc.

Originally I wanted to rant about the german internet censor law, also something which Weimar was good at, creating stupid laws which restrict civil rights and will backfire soon; and I wanted write about a letter that I am writing to our regional deputee in parliament.

But something positive would also be nice: it's amazing how much better a document looks if you TeX it! Having to work everyday with word and framemaker, seeing a TeX document after some time is really an enlightenment. It's so much better to read, it is so much better to look at! Linux Libertine is a nice font and LaTeX rules! (And yes, the letter I wrote contains footnotes)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Yesterday the german Bundestag passed a law which requires internet providers to block access to sites depicting child pornography. Which sounds like a good thing to do, child pornography is bad. But what it really shows is the inability of our politicians to handle things. During the last four years they have not done a single thing which would go the roots of a problem. Child Pornography is solved just by putting the blinds on the intarwebs. School shootings will be solved by prohibiting paint ball and computer games. Economic crisis will be solved by paying huge amounts of money to banks which proved not being able to handle money. Exercise: find more examples of this.

Germany is governed now by a coalition of CDU and SPD, conservatives and social democrats. Opposition is liberal FDP and greens. None of them, neither government nor opposition showed any competence at all. When watching any discussion, they showed a complete ignorance of the facts, couldn't even talk well. So, why are they there? Is there nobody left in politics? Where did all the competent people go? Industry? Emigrated? Abducted by aliens?

Why did we even vote for them? Just out of habit? Lack of alternatives? Probably the latter...

So, join a party? Which? Will it make a difference? Or just accept that the world is going downhill and turn into an egotist collecting riches and let rome burn? Current mood: the latter. Let it burn, maybe in 2000 years it's a tourist attraction. I'll go looking for a lyra...

Sunday, June 07, 2009


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(Google has your data anyway, so why hide?)