Friday, February 13, 2004

Buster Keaton. You do not need to say more... He was a genius.

Just saw Love's Nest on arte. The story is short, as is the film. Keaton, disapointed by a not responded love or something like that (missed the beginning...) sets sails on a boat named cupid only whith little food and water and a picture of his love. Enduring great pains on his way to nowhere he gets picked up by a ship of the name Love's Nest. This ship turns out to be a whaler with a sadistic captain who sends all of his crew overboard during the following days. Keaton sinks the ship to escape and ends up on a target for navy shooting exercises...

Like any Keaton movie, it is really funny to see him struggle with things, with people or with life in general. He tries to escape by lifting the life boat from the deck, ending up in sinking the whole ship, easiest way to get the life boat floating... Just like real life ;-)

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