Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Aus dem Schuhkarton

I am scanning old negatives from my grand parents I found in a cigar box at my parents. It's quite interesting to see those old pictures, taken some 70 years ago, still usable, still full of details. Of these days, all the digital pictures we take will be lost. Our children and grand children will not have the fun of digging through old cigar boxes full of strange old glass negatives and films...

Also interesting: not only do I look like a nearly exact clone of my father, also I do look like a nearly exact clone of my grand-father (I'll post a picture soon for you to compare). And all three of us have (or had) the same unreadable handwriting (similar not only in readability but we could all fake each others signatures without effort), which in the case of my grand-father is even worse, because he wrote the completely undecipherable Sütterlin.

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micha said...

Aber die Grübchen hast Du von deiner Oma!

(sieht zumindest verblüffend so aus - hatte dein Grossvater auch welche?)