Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gazing at the moon...

The Moon

Starting last week I am working at Siemens Healthcare now. I will be doing software and hardware quality tests for angiography x-ray machines and especially the ECG trigger module. And I still have to learn all the stuff for my final exam, which might happen friday in a week (no date fixed yed...).

The picture I took today from my window with the small teleskope I bought beginning of december when I started to learn stellar evolution and re-discovered that astronomy can be fun.

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nuno said...

Shy moon

Hiding in the haze
I can see your white face
Hope you can hear my tune

Shy moon

Why didn't you stop her
Don't you know I suffer
And you'll watch me cry soon

Shy moon

Glow through the pollution
Find me a solution
I'll wait on the high dune

Shy moon

Caetano Veloso