Friday, January 04, 2008

The Future

As petrol prices rise and rise and might reach 200$ per barrel at the end of the century (please panic now, this is a radically new insight our national economics institute gained, independently from those nutcases who already said so in the 60ies...) some of our brilliant politicians start to think (time to run for cover) and want to change the energy mix (what a word) to use more nuclear power. I am all for it, let's build the Ford Nucleon! If we get cars with fins like in those of the 60ies, I am happy to sit 1m away from a reactor. Well, actually not, but I want fins! And chrome.

There will be elections soon, so the politicians here start to brabble even more nonsense than usual. I am always amazed how stupid they can be and get away with it, even get elected. Seems to be actually necessary, the higher they are the dumber stuff they brabble.

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mac said...

Yes, a little xenophobic outcry every five years and you stay in business.
This time it bothers me so much because I am part of the voters. Goodbye Edmund, Hello Roland :-(