Friday, December 14, 2007

Footnotes in history

So, the big success in Bali is a footnote with a reference (including a PAGE NUMBER!) to a formerly agreed document, which states that a lowering of about 25-40% in CO2 emissions might eventually prevent the planet going boink (of course we know, it is, just like evolution or the bible, just a theory).

We are all safe now. Birds sing, peace on earth will begin soon, and wolve and deer live nicely together. And if not, we just buy a new deer.


Christian Vogel said...

And judging from what I got from the press/TV-news today, the US will probably revoke it's agreement anyway..... so all this amateur theater was for nothing.

It feels great to be ruled by these competent people, doesn't it?

MaC said...

I like the quote from Papua New Guinea:

"At one point the chief UN climate negotiator, Yvo de Boer, left the room apparently in tears, but the turning point, the circuit breaker, came from the representative of PNG who looked the US representative Paula Dobriansky in the eye and told her ”If for some reason you are unwilling to lead, leave it to the rest of us. Get out of the way!” She then “reversed herself, allowing the adoption of the so-called ‘Bali Roadmap.’” "

Quote from: