Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time to say goodbye

I just seperated from all the interesting life-forms I have been sharing a fridge with. Unfortunateyl they started to take too much space, so I finally divorced from the herb-butter I shared my life with for about two years, the Terrine-au-lapin with which I shared fond memories of a holiday in france four years ago, the trusty swedish fish cream who accompanied me for so many months...

Now I am ready to move on and develop fresh emotional bonds with new interesting food items which develop fresh and interesting personalities in the next years.


phil said...

We need new fridge designs. The problem with fridges is that fresh food gets put in the front, and old food gets pushed to the back, only to be removed after four years.

Why not have a fridge with two doors? One at the front to put stuff in, and one at the back to remove it from. Thus older food would get eaten first. You'd need to put your fridge in the middle of the room, but you could maybe disguise it as a table.

Or what about a rotating carousel fridge. You'd waste some space, but wouldn't have stuff lurking at the back.

Mariana said...

Presunto, bacalhau e queijo da serra? ;)