Saturday, September 08, 2007


England 188-3 (36.2 overs) won over India 187 (47.3 overs) by seven wickets. What I really like about cricket is the descriptions and names:

Sourav Ganguly, who was peppered with plenty of short stuff, was hit on the helmet before being snapped up at second slip and Gautam Gambhir was well caught by Wright between square-leg and mid-wicket.

I have no clue [1] what this means, but it sounds like an interesting match. The full article is here

[1] Actually, a small clue, thanks to Phil teaching us a bit about it.


phil said...

You just need to learn your cricket fielding positions. The bowler bowls from the bottom of the straw-coloured rectangle, the batsman stands at the top. If the batsman looks at the bowler, then square leg is to his left, and the slips (there may be several, and they are then called first, second, third etc) are behind him and to the right.

Colourful verbs such as "to pepper" are not limited to cricket, and appear in reputable American dictionaries.

So as a test, try to decipher this punch cartoon

phil said...

From the Daily Telegraph:

Maddy's preferred weapon for this purpose is a bottom-handed, baseball-style scoop over cow corner, though he also knows how to keep the scoreboard ticking between boundaries.