Thursday, April 26, 2007


Thanks to XL, who graphed my progress in writing :-)

[EDIT]: Just to clarify: the graph was kindly produced by Axel (or short XL) who has a job in industry and is therefore excused for the use of Excel (or short that-crappy-program-which-cant-calculate-stuff-decently). I of course would have done that in root and have used the very convenient drag and drop feature to get the points closer to the fit. Or maybe in PAW because it's FORTRAN and I like self-flagellation.


neunlaternenspielerin said...

yeah! gogogogo!

(But it would have looked better with _any_ other software. I guess you already start preparing for a future job in industry...)

neunlaternenspielerin said...

on second thought: I hope the reason you chose excel was not to prove that it can't fit/extrapolate data...