Thursday, April 26, 2007


70 years ago the german Luftwaffe attacked the basque village of Guernica. This air raid was one of the first with large scale bombing of civilian targets, one of the first with large scale destruction, large scale killing of innocent people. Not for the first time but for a very prominent time, a military target (the bridge across the river Oca) was the excuse of bombing a complete city. The bridge was not even hit by a bomb. Hundreds of civilians died.

The german leader of the attac afterwards complained that it was no fun (because of being too easy and being annoyed by the smoke of the bombs) and senseless, as no troops took the town after the bombing...

Guernica is and always will be a symbol for the stupidity of war.

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neunlaternenspielerin said...

Im aktuellen Geo ist ein sehr guter Artikel über Guernica. Die Brücke erscheint nicht einmal als Ausrede glaubhaft. Kann ich Dir leihen, wenn Du magst.