Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fuck the establishment

I just gave up watching a discussion on TV between the heads of some of the bavarian universities, which are now organised in Universität Bayern e.V. (Warning: extremely ugly homepage). On the board also is his Magnifizenz, the rektor of my universtity. What a huge amount of bullshit they talked. Some stuff made sense, but most was just buzzwords (in english, which is a traditional indicator: if somebody talking german uses english words instead of available german words, it's generally because he is talking bullshit).

So, it's all about synergy, we have checks and balances, extensive and intensive research universities... These guys didn't even get it that they were talking nonsense.

This is why I want to leave university as soon as possible. The universities are now in the hands of the establishment. Nobody is creative anymore, it's all preserving the status quo, no innovation, nobody has the guts to think a bit aside of the mainstream. There is no Avantgarde. (Unfortunately the Avantgarde is dead, you won't find it in university, but also not outside university...) Even the students turned into the establishment. All of them just want to finish their studies fast and then become succesful consultants and managers. None of them is any creative...

We are now in a process of restructuring the faculties. Instead of lots of small faculties we want five big ones. All the people planning this are only trying to keep the already existing structures, but get more power to their own positions. We will have a faculty, beneath that departments, then institutes then chairs, then groups and subgroups. It's very vertical, if you want to put it into buisiness speek. None of the people involved shows any balls to do something radical. Why have so much organisation? We don't need a vertical structure that big... University should be fast, creative, research and teaching oriented. It just turns into a playground for would-be politicians...

I siwtched the channel after 30mins and am now watching the Montreux Jazz Festival... At least some creative people on TV.

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