Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I have a theory. It for sure is wrong, but I am content with it. A theory why it usually does not work out with the girls, why I usually get to hear that I am a really nice guy, but.

Of course this theory does not apply to neither the female readers of this blog nor the girl friends/wifes/whatever of the male ones. Nor to any people I know not reading this blog. Basically you are all intelligent, nice people, where this theory is completely ridiculous.

OK, so now to the theory: women want idiots. Not real idiots, but guys not capable of living on their own. As I can perfectly live on my own, can cook, do household stuff, well, I even have got a sewing machine (which amazes a lot of girls...), no chance. No way the mother instinct is getting on. I think this is why a girl once said I am not manly enough (she definetly could not have spoken about anatomical details as we never got that far nor is there reason for that, as it does not really count as a detail.) I am just too able to live on my own, I don't need help to survive.

I like this theory because it says basically it's not my fault for being too good, it's just girls being too dumb. And without the above mentioned exceptions, this applies to all girls, just to prevent comments in this direction.

And please, leave me with this small ego-pleasing theory, don't spoil it by saing it's all my fault. I'll get depressed soon enough as I have to go to Hamburg for the next three months to install a stupid detector.


nuno said...

Cá de teorias não sei. Mas sei que temos de escolher cuidadosamente o lugar para o nosso bar. É que se suspeitas que a secção eficaz de interacção é pequena, não tens necessariamente um problema: só tens de arranjar um sítio com grande luminosidade!

mariana said...

Nilsinho: é a mais pura das verdades. A maioria das mulheres é completamente idiota e, por isso, só pode fazer par com idiotas iguais. Mulheres de jeito há poucas, tal como homens como tu há poucos. Torna-se mais difícil encontrarem-se. Mas não me parece assim tão impossível! :)

Igthorn said...

Yea, you are right.I know this too, but:
who does really need girls? They are just annoying, noisy, dirty and able to have children (ok, perhaps there are some nice children, possibly pedro is developing good *g*). All in all, this are no convincing atributes.