Sunday, November 20, 2005

False sense of Duty

I could have been to Lisbon. I could have been to one of the best parties ever. I even was offered that I do not have to pay the entire trip...

Instead I spent my day in the Experimental Hall, labeling exactly four cables and talking two and a half hour with six people about three cables we need. Just to clarify: the cables have plug A on one end, plug B on the other and are of a well defined length. In real life, this would be a matter of one e-mail or at most 10 minutes of conversation, of which 8 would be occupied by asking how is the family. No, we spent more than one complete person-workday on that.

The next time my would-like-to-be-boss tells me that I am urgently needed, I'll tell him to sod off and go on an extended holiday.

1 comment:

nuno said...

Deixa lá... Há mais marés que marinheiros e da próxima vez serás igualmente bem vindo!