Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Smashing windows

I just love windows...

I tried to work a bit again on the department's website, checking how it looks in internet explorer. Everything is validated, it looks nice on Linux, it looks nice on a Mac. In windows, it looks crap. Placings are wrong, transparency in the pictures etc does not work and so on and so on. Trying to look at some other website my computer claims that my Network Card has restricted connectivity (badly translated to "Konnektivität") and cannot access the internet. It did show the MSN page though. So, after installing a "Small home and company network", changing the default "Show all my data to everybody" to "Piss off", rebooting, etc, I was able to look at other websites. Just to figure out that the one I was looking for to copy some stuff uses some non-standard-dirty-tricks which make all validation go boink. Internet explorer just ignores any standards and forces you to do shitty pages. Unfortunately it's 95% Market share.

Went home then. Tried to boot windows at my home PC. The TFT complained signal out of range, and went dark. After some meddling around I could boot into the failsafe mode. Where you cannot change the screen settings. Nice. So I looked at the graphics-card-manufacturers website. There it said: if your TFT does not display anything go to System->Settings and click... Makes you wonder if somebody actually read that stuff after they wrote it.

Then I tried to delete the driver. Which worked. For a couple of seconds. Then the "New Hardware found" thing popped up and gone was my monitor. Fucking automatisms... Messed around with the registry, tried reinstalling the video driver while in failsafe mode, nothing. Gave up.


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