Monday, June 06, 2005

Doing my tax declaration is as fun as last year. I have some stocks, so I got from my bank lots of paperwork, including also 5 pages of "Fill in this value in this field in the tax-form". I have to copy that stuff into my tax declaration. Why don't they just send it directly (preferrably electronically) to the Tax office? You don't have more privacy the way they do it now, as the tax office can check with the bank (without noticing anybody, without needing a permission from anybody) about all your data the bank has (even shoe size...). The data for taxes already subtractad from my salary are also sent electronically to the tax office by my employer. I still have to fill all that stuff into that stupid form.

I do my tax declaration electronically, using software provided by the tax office. The data are sent electronically to the tax office. Then I have to print the stuff out and mail it to the tax office. Digital signature still years away.

The Tax program also provides helpful tips: for the field labeled Summe der für 2004 festzusetzenden (anteiligen) Gewerbesteuer-Messbeträge i.S.d. §35 EStG der Betriebe lt. Zeilen 3 bis 8 u. 26 (ohne Gewerbesteuer-Messbeträge, die auf nach §5a ermittelte Gewinne oder Gewinne i.S.d. §18 Abs 4 UmwStG entfallen) - Berechnung auf einem Gesonderten Blatt - (Don't ask for a translation, I have not yet found out what that means, and I always thought I can speak german...), OK, so for that field it provides the help: "Fill in if you can apply for stuff from §35 EStG!" Thanks. Helped immensely.

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