Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dear Hamburg Cyclists,

if you happen to go around the city at night, no lights on your bike, wearing dark clothes, going in non-predictable directions, because you don't bother to signal, overtaking cars, which are giving signals that they want to turn right, on the right side, pass red traffic lights, generally behave like you are the only one on the street, well, if you happen to end up beneath my car and your 5000 Euro mega-stylish mountain bike turned into a wire sculpture, I won't consider this an accident anymore, just natural selection. And I will kick your arse when the paint on my car gets scratched by this unecessary process of evolution.

cheers, gajo-who-is-no-longer-simpatico-with-idiot-cylists.

1 comment:

Igthorn said...

Yea! Kill them all, they don't deserve a better treatment ;-)
When i go by bike in the night (no lights, i only have dark clothes) i drive on the side and watch for cars, cause i am afraid, so others can also be aware when going by bike.
I also show respect for biciclist when i'm in my car! ;-)