Sunday, February 06, 2005

Answering machines are not really understood by a lot of people. They do not take the burden of answering from you, they just take the bother out of answering when the phone rings. They are turning synchronous communication into asynchronous communication. But, with some people, they seem to turn it into no communication at all. Maybe I am just pissed of with life in general and for that too easily bothered with minor things, but I think it is polite to answer a question, no matter what the answer is or what the question was...

(This is a general thought, triggered maybe, but I am not angry at anybody in particular, just got thinking when waiting...)

[EDIT] I should take more care when to post what. This was not ment to annoy you. Sometimes I get thinking triggered by something, although it has nothing to do with the event, which triggered it. So, when I say on anybodys answering machine: "Call me, if you feel like it", that is not a question where I would expect an answer, if you do not feel like it.

Most of the stuff I get annoyed with, which involves you, the fellow readers of this blog, will not show up here. In the state of mind I am these days, I think I piss you off enough without ranting about you in this blog. And I do not think it is nice to rant about friends in public.

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