Friday, January 30, 2004

Snow Catastrope in Hamburg. It startet snowing last night quite heavily, so this morning it was really beautyful. There are only a few things more beautyful than dawn in snowy landscape... (and one of this few things finally has sent me a mail ;-)

When I woke up again at 19:00 it had snowed a lot more, alone 7cm in one houre some time in the afternoon (at least TV said so). There are now some 15cm of snow, TV special news cast about this (highest amount of snow since 16 years!). Driving is kind of difficult now, as the streets are not cleaned nor salted, everything is white and slippery... At least people stay at home and are not clogging up the streets ;-)

Hope the snow lasts for some days; but weather forecast for the weekend predicts rain, will be really ugly then :-(

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