Tuesday, January 27, 2004

HALFTIME. Today is the 7th in 14 night-shifts. And it looks like we are taking our 1000th run. Party on Wayne. In other news today: our coordinators office got a DOOR! Thinking that we are at one of the worlds largest particle accelerators, having a door is a great improvement for the science of physics and for humanity in general. (No, I do not mean "now we don't have to see him all the time"...)

Had breakfast with a friend of mine (she called it dinner). Steak just after waking up is no good idea.

One day I will write a book. At the restaurant's bar was a guy worthy of fifty books. Small glasses in strange ways on his nose, smiling all the time, sometimes loughing out loud about a hidden joke in the world nobody else sees. Communicating with the waitresses in whale-language (at least it sounded like a whale), sometimes dissapearing in the plastic bags he brought with him, back seconds later after placing things in a slightly different order in his bags. But strangely enough, it was not Harry Rowolth practizing for his Lindenstraße part (Or he was disguised really good...)

A girl came by and offered free cinema tickets for a new film, you just had to fill out some survey if you liked the film... Sadly it is at a time too late for me, else I would have gone. There is such a thing like free lunch, but it is at times when you are not around. (Is this one of universes hidden jokes the guy at the bar was laughing about?)

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