Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yay for thinking!

Over on and other open source blog things, there have been a couple of posts to "What is the first thing you do after installing Linux". Amazingly all of them were "install all the proprietary stuff". Everybody installs google earth, skype, w32codes etc.

So, why keep up the "We do not like proprietary stuff"-attitude and make it hard to install this? Why not just accept that even if it is an evil non-open-source licence, the programs are working much better than any of the free stuff?

I'm just one step closer to getting a Mac...

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Kryptikmo said...

As far as I understand it, if Ubuntu were to make mp3 codecs available (for example) they could face legal challenges from the Fraunhoffer institute. They do provide links to repositories with this stuff in, and don't make it all that difficult.

As a current mac user, I like the integration with my iPhone. I don't like the fact there is next to no (decent) free software available for Mac OSX - e.g. music players (iTunes sucks donkey ass in terms of features), dvd ripping, text editors etc. I am in fact going to go back to Linux as soon as I can convince someone to buy me a ThinkPad... ;)