Sunday, June 22, 2008


You might know me as quite peaceful, but my neighbors start to seriously piss me off. Yesterday the neighbor from above started to practice tap dancing at two in the morning (today I had to get up at 4AM...). Tonight the neighbors from below started practicing drum playing at twenty past midnight. They didn't even have the guts to open the door when I rang.

This is extremely bad education. Some times I did make noise, some times a party went a bit long. But at least I apologized with my neighbors and answered their calls. I don't know if I should drop them a note in the mailbox or if I should ring there tomorrow at 6 when I have to get up just to annoy them.


Anonymous said...

Time to move? 8 years might be enough and it helps also for the Knipp....... ;-)

phil said...

... need to get to know each other. Next door is only a footstep away.

Before you go on holiday, leave this playing on loop with stereo full blast.