Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Instead of ranting about our minister of interior going completely nuts (wanting targetet killings etc.) I'll blog about a city in Oregon who discovered that their traffic pilars look like penises:

I think they are right in banning these things. There is an awful lot of stuff which looks like penises and should be banned. Examples? Here they come:


Very Typical...

Need to say more?


phil said...

1/ It's been a good week for bollards, having saved Glasgow airport.


I'm in favour of giving all security bollards a phallic appearance. What can be more demeaning to a terrorist than being thwarted by a giant penis?

2/ Why oh why doesn't the mayor in Oregon just deny any similarity and accuse the complainers of having dirty minds? There seem to be a strange group of people who take delight in searching for phallic imagery.


3/ That's funny, 'cause I've got a penis that looks just like a traffic pillar...


mac said...

Steht auf, wenn ihr für Freiheit seid: