Thursday, June 28, 2007


The next time some hardware fails I'll get a Mac. I just bought a new motherboard for my old PC and it took only some 5 hours to get things working again. Now I still don't have graphics via the DVI port, only some not very sharp output on the analogue port. But at least it works and I hope it won't crash that often as the old one did. As for the barebone which I had and where the porwer supply died: you cannot get that power supply anymore. This barebone is less than two years old... Hurray for short product cycles.

[Edit] Finally got the DVI working. It seems that envy is pretty useful if you have an nVidia or ATI card and want to use it with Linux. Also the nVidea settings program is quite OK (you have to run it as root though and the user interface is not really intuitive). So I have now a working graphics output on my DVI port, with 3d acceleration (including wobbly windows and desktops on a cube)

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neunlaternenspielerin said...

Und in der PI Bastelstube hat sich kein Ersatz gefunden? Bei Chris gibt es doch immer so nette Photos....

Andererseits solltest Du Dich ja aber auch um andere Dinge kümmern. Ist der page counter kaputt oder kondensierst Du gerade Text?

PS was für ein cooles Bild zum abtippen: rrrgr