Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The sky is still above

For those who were wondering why my page counter seems to be stuck: I fought a battle with two year old data during the last three weeks. First getting it converted, then getting it combusted by our tracking software and now the last few days getting the output analysed. Thanks to a lot of my colleagues who I bothered with stupid questions I today produced my first own physics plot containing actual particles (after nearly five years of my PhD):

It shows that cosmic rays are coming mostly from above (Phi being the angle to the horizontal plane). That's great neaws, as it means current theories about the universe are still correct. (OK, there is some ambiguity, they can also come from the bottom. We can't distinguish with that detector. But there is a 50 % chance that they mostly come from above.)


phil said...
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phil said...

If a mean of pi/2 means the sky is above, should I be worried by a mean of 1.50? Is the sky skew, or does the floor of the east hall slope?

MarkusPhotoBlog said...

Perhaps misalignment after the impact of some helium gas bottles? ;-)