Thursday, May 11, 2006

The stillness, always the stillness

unless there's a dog. SHUT IT! WILL YOU SHUT IT! You must listen to this, before they put up next weeks show... (via Cosmic Variance)

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phil said...

I rather liked this program! There is an article in todays Guardian about "Down the Line", but unfortunately you have to register for the media pages of the website, so I won't link it.

The people behind this program are (among others) Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson, who also made "the Fast Show". Of course even the best satirists can't compete with the Hermes list.

Cue random accent (Yorkshire), random topic (seatbelts) and ...Action.

"Police Officers! Bleedin Heck. Don't talk to me about police officers. There's me, driving along, right, there's this barricade so I pulls over, and t'next thing tha knows they've gone an' done me for an Ordnungswidrigkeit. I'd only gone and not done me seatbelt up, not like it were t'great train robbery or summat."