Monday, March 20, 2006

Only Monday and already completely pissed off

Today I mentioned again that this will be my last week in Hamburg (yes, I did say that already quite often, but this time I'm serious). Which made my local would-like-to-be-boss say something that I can't, as the detector is not yet in a stable state. Well, it never will be... And he said something in the line of if I leave I never will get my PhD. (Yes, he said that, not for the first time! I have until now ignored it. Next time I will answer to it...) I am pissed off. Luckily he has not anything to do with my PhD.

I am not really sure how to react. I would like to tell him to go and f*ck himself (and I am quite sure, that if he wants to fight, it's him going to loose).

I was supposed to stay in Hamburg till August 2004. I am still here, one and a half year after that date. I have worked quite often up to 80 hours a week. I have my desk in a smelly dark container. I work with people I can't stand. (Some of my collegues I actually like, but unfortunately that's only a few). I get phonecalls in the middle of the night by incompetent shift crews. I have been in a state of being utterly pissed off for the last two years, I had not much of a private life. What do these fucking idiots want more?

This is my last week here. I want to keep at least a little self respect. I should have left two years ago...


nuno said...

É uma questão de luta de classes. A patronal tem tendência a abusar do seu poder. Felizmente ainda há umas (poucas) excepções. O povo (ou pelo menos eu) está contigo, camarada. E temos sempre o bar!

Anonymous said...

You are quite right in your estimations of the influence of external people to your PhD. They have nothing to say at all.

There is no need to feel guilty about leaving: firstly it is no longer your problem, and secondly you are not in the right frame of mind to work on the recoil anyway. You could sit in Hamburg for the next year and would almost certainly achieve fuck all.

Book a ticket to Erlangen, and try not to do anything really stupid in the next three days.

Quite stupid things are fine, though, so just go ahead and enjoy the last days as much as you can. It's now or never!