Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Re-read some posts from two years ago. Kind of interesting to see what I thought at that time, what my mood was at that time and how I thought I will only spend half a year or so in Hamburg. It's now something like one and a half year I have spent between Hamburg and Erlangen and I still prefer the little province town to the big booming city full of opportunities. Fun to see where you change and where not...

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Kryptikmo said...

I suspect that you would enjoy the big booming city of opportunities more if it was just that. Instead, so much time in DESY is spent that it becomes more like the provincial town, except with one really bad pub that serves poor quality beer, a library that has only physics textbooks and people who do mostly (only?) physics, computing and engineering.

I'm just concerned that readers get a downer on Hamburg (not a bad place, nice restaurants, probably nice people - I wouldn't know, nice place to live normally) instead of DESY (is a bad place, full of work obsessed people with a shitty canteen and is a little redundant in the greater scheme of things. Funless.). :o)